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  • How We Make Supplements That Work

    Two of the most common questions we receive from customers are, how exactly do you make your supplements and how do you ensure they’re safe, pure, and effective?

    And we get it. After all, there’s a world of confusion surrounding herbal supplements, how they’re made, and how their potency is verified.

    Here at DailyNutra, we’re happy to share everything about our process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we produce our premium supplements and how we ensure they are as potent and pure as possible.

    We do in-depth research

    We let science lead the way when it comes to our formulations, poring over the latest double-blind clinical studies carried out on humans from the most reliable sources (for more on this, click here!)

    We do this to narrow down the most proven ingredients and to find their ideal doses.

    We carefully source our ingredients

    Once we’ve exhausted the clinical studies and rigorously selected our ingredients, we get in touch with our trusted suppliers. 

    We only work with suppliers who are able to provide us with the most potent, additive-free herbal extracts that are certified organic whenever possible.

    Before purchasing, we examine all Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) for purity, potency, and identity. 

    Then once we’re happy with the standards and authenticity, we choose our supplier and order our ingredients, which are already extracted into their powder form and shipped to us, usually in sealed units of 20kg or 25kg.

    Bonus Section: How plants are extracted into concentrated powders

    While there are many ways to extract active ingredients from plants, here’s a generalization on how it’s done for most of our ingredients:

    1. First, the specific dried plant part, whether that’s the leaf, root, or flower, is ground in powder
    2. The plant powder is then soaked for some time in a natural solvent, usually alcohol or hot water
    3. Next, the mix of plant powder and solvent is filtered to remove all plant solids, leaving a liquid mix of highly concentrated plant constituents
    4. As a final step, the solvent is completely removed through various forms of accelerated evaporation
    5. A fine powder of concentrated plant constituents remains
    6. This powder is then thoroughly tested for potency and purity and receives a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

    We manufacture in a GMP-certified facility

    After we have received the ingredients, we start manufacturing in a clean, GMP-certified facility with systems that ensure the proper monitoring, design, and control of the manufacturing process.

    The plant extract powders are mixed together in giant machines, and the powder is then filled into plant-based capsules. Then the capsules are bottled, sealed, boxed, and placed into case packs. 

    We verify the ingredients

    At this time we test the finished supplements for purity, potency, and authenticity to match our promise of using only the safest and most effective natural ingredients.

    • Purity Test: No microbials (i.e. bacterial, mold) and no heavy metals (i.e. mercury)
    • Potency Test: Active ingredients meet or exceed stated amounts
    • Authenticity Test: Ensure specific plants are identified and used

    We keep a strict inventory

    How do we make sure our herbal supplements are so fresh? We start by securing the freshest ingredient batches from our trusted suppliers.

    Next, we operate on what’s called the First in First Out (FIFO) method. This means our supplements are organized by their best-by dates, which we track meticulously. As suggested by the name, the first products in are the first products out.

    Most supplements sell within a year of being manufactured, and we don’t keep any old inventory.

    TIP: We’re often asked if a supplement is dangerous to take after its “best-by” date. Absolutely not! This simply means that your supplements are at their most potent up to this date. After the best-by date has expired, the supplements potentially become less potent but it won’t harm you to take them.

    We monitor potency

    How do we do this? Well, we keep a few bottles from each batch we manufacture. After three years, which is when a supplement reaches its best-by date, we do what’s called stability testing to ensure the potency of the supplement still meets the specification listed on the supplement facts table.

    We care about you

    As you can see, we take great care to produce the highest quality herbal supplements, with each step as important as the next. Here is a partial list of some more checks and practices we employ to ensure our supplements are at their most potent and of the highest quality.
    • We only use General Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturing
    • All our ingredients are third-party lab tested for plant identification, active ingredient potency, as well as for heavy metals and microbial activity
    • All our bottles are equipped with air-tight safety seals and cap tamper protection seals
    • Best-by dates are clearly printed on all bottles, boxes, and master packs
    • We pack each of our bottles in a recyclable box for extra protection from damage or temperature
    • Our bottles are made from PET plastic, which is the most recyclable form of plastic and is also the least air permeable, keeping our supplements at the peak of freshness
    • We use temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerated shipping when necessary to ensure there’s no heat damage
    • All supplement facts and safety information are clearly printed on each bottle
    • We provide customers with FAQs on safe usage

    As always, we appreciate and encourage your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our manufacturing practices or anything else you’re curious about!

    Just shoot us an email here.